Descendants of Peter McIver January 2011

Descendants of Peter McIver, son of Roderick McIver, South Africa. The
following information was supplied by George Bryson McIver
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Peter McIver (1879 -1941), son of Roderick McIver, married Annie Simpson
(18??-1942) in July 1904 in Woodstock, Cape Town and they had four children:
George Kirkwood (1905-1983)
Douglas (1907-1955)
Leslie John (1910-1985)
Helen Mary (1916-1995)
George Kirkwood McIver married Joan Ashdown, with whom he had three
Ann Marie McIver (1939) married Hugh Alan Cowan they moved to Australia in
1974 are retired live near Melbourne and have six children.
o Ian Alan (1963) married Karen, their children are Mathew (1991),
Rosemarie(1993)and Elinor (1996)
o Bruce Hugh (1964) married Rosiland. Their children are Pamela,
Jesse(1992) and Julian
o Patricia Ann (Paddy) (1996) married David Norris. Their children
are Belinda who married to Andrew Laing, and Patrick (1987)
o Julian Alastair married Nguyen Thi Ngoc Uyen -- their child is
Max (2010)
o Duncan James, and
o Andrew George
Joan Ruth McIver (1947) married John Swanson in Barclay in 1973, now retired,
live in Bloemfontein and have three children:
o Andrew John (1974) married Elizabeth de Ridder live in
Bloemfontein and have a son Archibald Thomas John (2009)
o Peter Carl (1977) lives in England
o Robyn Joan (1983) married Nicolas Simpkins and lives in England
John George Whitfield McIver (1951) married Ann Coney, they live in Auckland,
New Zealand and have two children:
o Paul (1986) married Phillipa, live in Auckland and have a son
Caed Duncan George (2009)
o Francis Rose McIver (1988) Auckland
Douglas McIver married Jane (Jean) Catherine Bryson (1908-1989) in
Hatfield Pretoria in 1933, and they had five children:
Rosemary Jean McIver (1934) married Cecil Oertel, who died in 1963, two
children were born. Rosemary later married Dennis Sutton in Zimbabwe in 1979.
They now live in Sandbaai, Hermanus. Her two children are:
o George Benjamin Oertel (1959) married Simone and have a son
Garth 1984 and daughter Jade (1990).
o Lesley Ann Oertel (1961)
George Bryson McIver (1936) married Ann Madeline Estcourt (1944) in 1968.
George and Ann retired in 1996 live in Pinelands Cape Town and have a son and
a daughter
o Geoffrey Bryson McIver (1970) married Jennifer Susan Rix (1968)
in 2001. Geoffrey is a CA with business interests. They live in
Tokai Cape Town and have a son Richard Bryson (2004) and a
daughter Kate Amy (2006).
o Kerry Ann McIver (1972) married Andrew George Fair (1969) in
1996 Kerry is a Civil Engineer. They live in Somerset West and
they have son Robert William (2001) and a daughter Jessica Ann
Douglas Ross McIver (1942) married Johanna Maria Acker (1943). Ross has an
electrical contracting business. They live in Monte-Vista, Cape Town, and have
two daughters:
o Linda Maria McIver (1968) married Kevin O'Sullivan (1966). The
O’Sullivan’s run a specialised paint manufacturing company, live
in Atlantic Beach near Cape Town, have two sons, Conor (1995)
and Tieg (1999) and a daughter, Erin Willow (2006).
o Kendal Jane McIver (1970) married Adrian von Reitzig. Kendal is
with Old Mutual, lives in Edgemead, Cape Town and has a
daughter Kerryn Mikayla (1997) and son Joshua Christian (2000).
Peter Leslie McIver (1946) married Susan Pauline Parrot. Peter and Sue are
retired, live in Knysna and have two children:
o Katherine Susan McIver (1978) a veterinary surgeon
o Ian David McIver (1980) an architect
Brian Andrew McIver (1947) married Kathleen Magnusson (Kate) (1945). They
emigrated to Australia in 1987, are now retired, live in Geelong, and have three
o Paul Andrew (1977) a librarian, teacher and musician
o James Ross (1978) a town planner
o Michael Joseph (1978) a lawyer
Leslie John McIver (1910) married Mona McCloud they had a daughter
Monica but divorced during the war. Monica stayed with her mother and
contact has been lost. Leslie McIver later married Peggy McDougall in 1947 and
they had four children.
Roy Douglas McIver (1948) married Penny Gee in 1973. Roy is a quantity
surveyor they live in Edgemead, Cape Town and have two children:
o Andrew Mark (1978) married Gillian Tessendorf in 2002. Andrew
is in IT. They live in Pierre van Ryneveld, Centurion and have a
son Daniel Peter (2005) and daughter Kayla Isabella(2009)
o Sheila Maree (1978) married Wihan Neethling in 2006. They live
in Plymouth, UK, where they teach. They have son Joel Oliver
Linda Helen McIver (1950) married Robert Buckle, divorced, lives in Edgemead,
Cape Town and has three children:
o Lisa Samantha (1976)
o Tracy Leigh (1978) married Jacque Hilbert and had two sons,
Dylan Reece (2007) and Jack Rhyder (2008) and live in
Edgemead, Cape Town.
o Stuart Allan (1984)
Shirley May McIver (1957) a matron at Nazareth House, and John van Blerk live
in Hout Bay and have two children
o Craig (1990)
o Nicole (1996).
Arthur Harold McIver (1959) married Debbie Schneider in 1987. Arthur has a
business making fine furniture, lives in Noordhoek and they have two children:
o Richard (1992)
o Michael (1995)
Helen Mary McIver (1916-1995) married Richard Thomas Crossman Nunns
(1910-1997) on 8-6-1941 and had three children:
Cyril Austin Nunns (1941) married Brenda Knox in1966, Brenda died in 2009
and they had no children. Cyril is in the electric lighting business and lives in
Margaret Ann Nunns (Meg) (1946) married Bruce John Formby (1938) in 1968.
Bruce retired from SA Breweries they live in Somerset West and have three sons:
o James Roger (1969) married Grainne Robinson in 2003. James is a
CA. They live in Johannesburg and have two children, Ciaran
Bruce (2004) and Cara Siobhan (2007).
o Robert John (1971) married Louise Armstrong in 2002 Robert an
engineer is now in the financial sector, they live in Cape Town and
have three daughters, Laura Suzanne (2003), Kate Megan (2006)
and Jenna Louise (2009)
o David Bruce (1974) married Taryn Christie in 2006. David is in
banking, they live in Johannesburg and have two sons, Craig David
(2008) and Ryan Duncan (2010)
Juliet Mary Nunns (Jo) (1955) married Hendrik-Jan Sluys-Cremer in 1977.
Divorced in 2006, Jo is a nursing sister lives in Johannesburg and has three
o Kirsten Lynne (1978) married Andrew (Andy) Pott in 2001. Andy
is in the water industry. They live in Johannesburg and have three
children, Rebecca McKenzie (2005), Kaylee Maddison (2008) and
Abigail Taylor (2010)
o Timothy Richard (1981) married Sandra Steenkamp in 2009.
Timothy is a medical doctor specialising in orthopaedic surgery
o Robyn Mary (1985) has journalism degree and lives in
If anyone would like to add or alter this document please let me know.
Alan McIver
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