Little Women
by Louisa May Alcott
Presented by
Tammy Chou
I. Introduction
March’s family have four sisterMeg, Jo, Beth and Amy. After
their father joined army, they must
unite together. Although the lives
is very difficult, they still enjoyed
in it. When they grown up, their
life full of romantic attachment.
II. Plot Summary
This is about four sisters and their
neighbor who is Laurie. They joined
the party and skating together. Mr.
March was passed a bad news to them
that he is on the verge of illness. After
few years past, they growing up and
some problem arised between them.
III. Theme and Major Character
Meg-She is the oldest girl in their family. When the
war ended, she gets married with Mr. Brooke
Jo-In the beginning, she has bad temper to her sisterAmy. It makes Amy hurt herself and Jo felt very
regret. Few years past, she went to New York and
met a true love Mr. Bhaer.
Amy-She has a artistic gift and gets married with Mr.
Laurie finally.
Beth-It is unfortunate. She is dead from a illness.
Mr. Laurie-He is a lonely boy and who is living next
them. They become a good friends each other.
IV. Reflection
This is a warm story which about
four girls how to live on their own
way. I feel their life is full of
pleasure. Each of them have their
unique characters. I thought
everyone will covet their life.
VI. Conclusion
This story is very
interesting. It can help us
feel very warm and have
a happy time.