Backdrop Plan

Mid Calder Nursery Class
Backdrop Plan
Start Date: October 2011
Learning Context: Autumn
Expected Duration: 3 weeks +
Source: Seasonal Science
Experiences and Outcomes: please enter
code and descriptor
SCN 0-01a
I have observed living things in the environment over time
and am becoming aware of how they depend on each
SCN 0-12a
I can identify my senses and use them to explore the world
around me.
SOC 0-08a
I explore and appreciate the wonder of nature within
different environments and have played a part in caring for
the environment.
SOC 0-07a
I explore and discover the interesting features of my local
environment to develop an awareness of the world around
SOC 107G
Having explored the variety of foods produced in Scotland I
can consider the importance of different types of agriculture
in the production of these foods.
Discuss with the children the key changes which take place
in the environment during the season of Autumn.
Adult role to discuss resources and read stories
please highlight
Use collected materials for senses activities in activity tray.
Skills for Life:
Health and Well Being
Cross Cutting Themes:
Citizenship Enterprise Creativity
Sustainable Development
Introduce fact that there will be an Autumn walk into the
woods to look for signs of Autumn while setting up an initial
display on Autumn. “We need to collect more leaves for
the display and for art and craft activities.”
Adult should encourage observational and listening
During Autumn walk, introduce key questions:
What can we see, hear?
What colours can we see?
What does the ground feel like?
What is the weather like?
Coloured drapes, baskets, wheat, some leaves.
In nursery, encourage children to sort and categorise
collection into various groups when setting up display and
during free play.
Autumn themed stories and puzzles
Use collected materials in various art and craft activities.
Staff and parent volunteers needed for the walk, so
sign for parents displayed in the lobby for those that
want to help.
Associated ICT activities on computers and
smart board e.g. Little Bear’s Seasons
Large tray/sand tray for depositing collected
Possible Lines of Development from
See over if evidenced
Interdisciplinary Links:
Health and Well Being
Social Studies
Expressive Arts
“Assessment for Learning” Focus
MNU 011W: I can match objects, and sort using my own and others criteria.
In nursery, encourage children to sort and categorise collection into various groups when setting up display
and during free play.
Group Time Activities:
Use collected materials for sorting and matching
Read relevant stories and poems.
Access websites and games on Smart Board.
Date of Assessment:
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