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Faculty of Science

Graduate Profile

Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial and Organisational Psychology,




The Graduate Profile is a statement of the generic and specific attributes and skills of graduates of the programme including the body of knowledge attained (CUAP Functions and Procedures, 2013-

2014). The framework for graduate outcomes in the Graduate Profile may vary depending on the award, however attention should be paid to the development in graduates of lifelong learning skills.

A Graduate Profile may contain the personal attributes, interactive attributes and specific programme attributes which should ideally be displayed by graduates.

Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial and Organisational Psychology

Life-long Learning Skills and Attributes of Graduates

A graduate with a Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial and Organisational Psychology will have the following attributes:

Personal and Programme Attributes

Can demonstrate in-depth psychological knowledge relevant to organisations and the workplace.

Has demonstrated their ability to apply psychological knowledge to solve problems in organisational settings.

Can understand, evaluate, access and critically review new information, including findings and discussion in literature.

Interactive Attributes

Can communicate their psychological knowledge both in writing and speaking.

Work collaboratively on tasks and show leadership.

This Graduate Profile is reviewed annually and was last reviewed in 2013.