Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing


Faculty of Creative Arts

Graduate Profile

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, MFA (Creative Writing)



The Graduate Profile is a statement of the generic and specific attributes and skills of graduates of the programme including the body of knowledge attained (CUAP Functions and Procedures, 2013-

2014). The framework for graduate outcomes in the Graduate Profile may vary depending on the award, however attention should be paid to the development in graduates of lifelong learning skills.

A Graduate Profile may contain the personal attributes, interactive attributes and specific programme attributes which should ideally be displayed by graduates.

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Life-long Learning Skills and Attributes of Graduates

We aim to graduate students with a Master of Fine Arts (Creative Writing) who:

 will have studied, evaluated and understood current theories of artistic creativity in imaginative writing;

 will have studied, evaluated and demonstrated understanding of methodologies of construction and conclusion in current practice;

 will have studied, evaluated and understood the nature of problems generally acknowledged to impede and deflect creative construction and expression;

 will have demonstrated their ability to confront and solve these problems in practical work;

 will have demonstrated their mastery of these skills and disciplines in completing an extended writing project to professional standards;

 will have gained practical experience in editing and professional correspondence by working on the English Programme’s new literary journal.

This Graduate Profile is reviewed annually and was last reviewed in 2013.