Forum on the History of Physics Invited talks, 2008

Forum on the History of Physics
Invited talks, 2008-2011
April 2011
Solvay at One Hundred
Richard Staley, Antony Belentini
Centennial of the Nuclear Atom
John Heilbron, Suman Seth, Jerome I. Friedman
Accelerators for Sub-Atomic Physics: I. History
Michael Craddock, Thomas Wangler, Lyndon Evans
Centennial of Superconductivity
Peter Pesic, David Larbalestier, A. Zee
Working with Luis Alvarez (1911-1988)
Richard Muller, Arthur Rosenfeld, Moishe Pripstein
Abrahan Pais Prize Lecture
Silvan Schweber
March 2011
The History of Superconductivity from its Discovery by Kammerlingh
Onnes in 1911
Dirk van Delft, Brian Schwartz, Leon Cooper, John Rowell, Paul C. W. Chu
J. H. Van Vleck: Quantum Theory and Magnetism
Michel Janssen, David Huber, Nicolaas Bloembergen, Charles Slichter,
Horst Meyer
Migrations of Physicists
Katapelli R. Sreenivasan, Alan Beyerchen, Alberto Santoro, Alexei
Kojevnikov, Zuoyue Wang
April 2010
Secrecy and Physics
FHP Newsletter report
Peter Gallison, Steven Aftergood, William Happer
Remembering Enrico Fermi
FHP Newsletter report
Tsung-Dao Lee, Richard L. Garwin, Jerome I. Friedman,
Origins of Research and Teaching at Selected Physics Departments
FHP Newsletter report
Hans van Baeyer, Warren Collins, Jerry Gollub
The Laser: Historical Perspectives and Impact on Precision Measurements
FHP newsletter report
J. A. Giordmaine, Federico Capasso, John L. Hall,
Abraham Pais Award Lecture
Stephen Brush
March 2010
Five Legacies from the Laser
Robert L. Byer, C. V. Shank, James Faller, James G. Fujimoto, Dirk Basting
Sam Goudsmit: Physics, Editor, and More
Russell McCormmach, Esther Goudsmit, Jonothan Logan, Benjamin Bederson,
Peter M. Levy, FHP newsletter report
The 50th Anniversary of the Prediction of Superfluidity of He3
FHP Newsletter report
Philip Anderson, Andrew Sessler, Joseph Serene, David Lee, Anthony Leggett
Abraham Pais Prize Lecture
Russell McCormmach
April 2009
The Scientific Legacy of John Wheeler FHP Newsletter report
Kenneth Ford, Kip S. Thorne, Wojciech H. Zurek,
History of Telescopes FHP Newsletter report
Neville Woolf , Paul Vanden Bout, Christine Jones,
Science Policy: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Jack Gibbons, Neal Lane, Lewis Branscomb
History of MURA, Fermilab and the SSC
FHP Newsletter report
Lawrence W. Jones, Adrienne W. Kolb, Stanley Wojcicki
March 2009
Origins of Silicon Valley
FHP newsletter report
Stewart Gilmor, David Leeson, Michael Riordan, James Gibbons,
Centenary of Lev Landau
FHP Newsletter report
Pierre Hohenberg, Lev Pitaevskii, Valery Pokrovsky Igor Dzyaloshinskii,
Roald Sagdeev,
50 Years of Anderson Localization
David Thouless, Robert Dynes, Mordechai Segev, Igor Lerner, Alain Aspect
April 2008
Triumphs of 20th Century Astrophysics I: Observatories and Telescopes
Joseph Miller, Mario Livio, Elizabeth Barton
Triumphs of 20th Century Astrophysics II: We Master the Stars
Matthew Stanley, Stirling Colgate, Mark McCaughrean
Los Alamos and the Manhattan Project: 65th Anniversary
Cynthia Kelly, Anthony P French, David C. Cassidy
80 Years of Quantum Mechanics: A New International Project
Michel Janssen, Christopher Lehner, Alexei Kojevnikov
50th Anniversary of Physical Review Letters
Robert Garisto, Michael S. Turner, Michael E. Peshkin
Abraham Pais Award Lecture Newsletter report
Gerald Holton
March 2008
50th Anniversary of Physical Review Letters
Saad E. Hebboul, H. Eugene Stanley, Marvin Cohen, Charles P. Slichter,
Jack Sandweiss, FHP Newsletter Report
Industrial Physics History
Paul Horn, James Hollenhorst, Robert Frosch, David Bishop, Robert Doering,
FHP Newsletter report