Chabot College - Astronomy 30 Laboratory – Scott Hildreth

Chabot College
- Astronomy
30 Lab Review Summary Report - Scott Hildreth
Remember to turn this review in each week, *along* with the data pages from our lab manual, by the
start of the next class period for full marks.
1. Your Name:__________________________________________
Date of Review: _______________ Name of Lab: ________________________________
Date Lab was performed: _________________ Lab Partners:____________________________
2. Looking at your data sheets from the exercises you did, summarize in a sentence or two what you found to
be your most significant result(s). Why?.
3. Each lab has a major topic or concept that will serve as the primary goal for the activity. But every lab also is
intended to illustrate how science works, too. In general, science involves:
Observation (of phenomena, and of patterns in data)
Analysis & Research of the observations, including discussion with peers and investigating prior
datasets and hypotheses.
Development of a Hypothesis that can be tested and established to be true or false.
Development of an Experiment to test the Hypothesis
Analyzing Data from the Experiment; identifying explanations and influences.
Reporting of Data to Peers for independent review
Publishing Results for review by others.
As you think about the activity, answer the following in at least one paragraph or more:
What piece(s) of the scientific method listed above was/were involved in the activity you did this week? Which
piece(s) was/were the most important? Why?
This is the most important part of the review, and worth the most credit. Use the back of this sheet for your
The processes of science involved in this activity: