Class Diagram 01 - Practical Problem

Database Design
CmpE 226
Practice Problems
Practice Problem (2)
Class Diagrams
Prepare traditional class diagram for the following problems showing at least 10
relationships among the following object classes, including associations,
aggregations, and generalizations. Show multiplicities in your diagrams.
Name 3-5 attributes and 3-5 operations per class. Use association and role
names when needed. As you prepare the diagrams, you may add additional
object classes.
(1) School, playground, principal, school board, classroom, book, student,
teacher, cafeteria, rest room, computer, disk, chair, ruler, door, swing
(2) File system, file, directory, ASCII file, executable file, directory file, disk,
drive, track, sector
(3) Rental system, contract, credit cards, items for rent, fees, deals, payment
(4) Banking system, checking account, investment account, CDs, loan, clients,
customer service, investor, bank manager
(5) Sink, freezer, refrigerator, table, light, switch, smoke alarm, burglar alarm,
cabinet, bread, ice, door, kitchen
(6) Model, view, computer, Internet, web services, mobile phone, printer, thinclient, fat client, users
(7) Negotiation, agreement, agent, buyers, sellers