span places lesson jmartinez

Spanish I Lesson Plan
Julia Martinez
Howard High School
Students will describe where people go and how often.
Student made picture flashcards of places
Colored paper
Spinners – cut out
1. Warm up:
Have a famous painting of a place in the students place vocabulary;
students are to write down:
¿Dónde está?
¿Qué ves?
¿Qué hace la gente?
¿Te gusta este cuadro? Por que
2. Review:
Students are to take out their places vocab flashcards, and quiz each
other on the Spanish. (3 – 4 minutes)
Teacher calls out names of places and students play “dale” as they slap
the vocabulary the teacher mentions in Spanish.
3. Pinch cards:
Students use pinch cards provided by the teacher.
Nunca, a veces, todos los días. Students hold up the pinch cards to
indicate frequency with which they go these places.
4. Introduction to the verb IR:
a. Watch the video presentation and write down questions.
b. Review the forms with Powerpoint and how to form “a la” and “al”
and fill out notes sheet.
c. Students are to create manipulatives with IR verb. (Foldable with
the pronouns on the outside and translations of pronouns on inside
flap and verb conjugation on the inside).
d. Students practice writing with a small fill in the blank activity with
the forms. They should put a star if they needed to use the foldable.
5. Usage of the IR verb
a. Students grouped by interest:
Names of places are on the walls, and students are instructed to go to
the place they prefer. (8 different places) Flexible groups are formed.
b. Students are given the spinners and asked to write the pronouns on the
six spots in markers.
c. Students are to take out their place flashcards, and a piece of blank
paper, as well as the spinner (with paper clip and pencil)
d. Students then take one flashcard at a time, spin the spinner for the form
of IR, and create a sentence that must include the pronoun, the correct
form of IR and A/AL with the place, and an adverb of time.
DIFFERENTIATION: honors students must include other elements in the
sentence, like, with who, or why the go to this place. Model will be
e. After 20 sentences, activity is complete.
6. Conclusion:
Each group will choose one of their sentences to share with the class on
an overhead, document camera, or the board. Class reviews and corrects
7. Assessment:
Do the 3 – 2 – 1 Assessment as an exit ticket.
3 – three vocabulary you need to study
2 – forms of IR that you used today
1 – question you still have about the places or IR verb.