First Exam Spring 2002

Sociology 402
Spring 2002
First Exam: Classical Theory
Compare and contrast Marx, Durkheim, and Weber as classical sociological theories that
provide distinctive ways of thinking about the modern social world. To answer this question you
should follow these steps:
1. Choose a basis for comparison. You might choose, for example:
a. a formal theoretical comparison (on the basis of perspective, model, focus: as
in lecture)
b. a conceptual focus (comparing them on concepts, such as conflict, change,
alienation: as in the web site figure we discussed in class)
c. a topical focus (comparing them on their view of the problems and prospects
of modern world: as in the essay, Hogan’s Exam 1, Spring 2001, on the web
2. Describe each theorist in these terms (for example, with a conceptual focus, describe
Marx on alienation, Durkheim on anomie, Weber on the iron cage)
3. Compare and contrast the theorists in these terms
a. How are they similar?
b. How are they different?
Helpful Hint: These steps, including the focus that you choose in step one, are intended to help
you in writing your essay. Don’t let them become an iron cage. In other words,
don’t let the procedure get in the way of producing the product.