Mid-Term for Group B Spring Semester 2014 Please read and

Mid-Term for Group B Spring Semester 2014
Please read and answer the following essay questions to the best of your ability. If you
use sources please make sure to cite the sources that you use. Failure to cite sources
would constitute plagiarism which will cause you to receive a grade of zero for your
You will need to use the following sources to assist you in completing this mid-term
Chicago Manual Style
The Communist Manifesto
Essay Questions
Question#1 Answer Both Parts
Part I: Who is the bourgeoisie? Who is the proletariat? How do they interact in
capitalist society? What is the role of capital in society?
Of labor? What are the
objectives of communism? What is the authors' conception of a socialist state? How
does this state compare to the United States government today?
Part II: The two most famous quotes from this influential book are: "A specter is
haunting Europe -- the specter of Communism," and, "The proletarians have nothing to
lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite!"
Choose one of the quotations and explain what the authors mean. Why do you think
people have focused on these quotes?
Max Weber
Question#2 Please use the notes on Weber to answer the following questions
Please briefly describe Weber’s view of the relationship between the Protestant ethic
and the spirit of capitalism. What is the role of sociology for Weber? What is the goal of
Weber’s action theory? How did Weber see bureaucracy and why was he concerned
about it? How did Weber view the nature of causality? What are some of the various
social settings where rationalization takes place?
Emile Durkheim
Question#3- Please use the internet to answer the following questions
What did Durkheim mean by the “collective conscience?” What is egoistic suicide?
What is anomic suicide? What is altruistic suicide? According to Durkheim, how is it
possible to study religion from a sociological perspective? How is sociology connected
to morality according to Durkheim? What is the role of education from Durkheim's
Using Chicago Manual as a guide please create a bibliography for one of each of the
following sources. You only need one source per item. You can make up the sources
with hypothetical authors, titles etc…
Web Sources
Film and Television
Interviews, Personal Communication
Lectures and Presentations
Public and Unpublished Materials
Write a 2 paragraph essay on the Ukrainian crisis in the world today and what it means
for the U.S. In your essay you will use a minimum of 3 sources and cite the sources
using footnotes and Chicago manual citations. Please follow proper protocols on
citations over 60 words and under.