Sociology 1 Midterm Terms -

Sociology 1 Midterm Terms
Introduction from lecture
Sociological Imagination
Jane Adams
August Comte
Emile Durkheim
Karl Marx
Material and nonmaterial culture
George Herbert Mead
Charles Horton Cooley
Article 3 - Gladwell’s view of luck, why do contemporary sociologist have trouble getting noticed?
Article 64 - Probability sampling
Article 65 - The three crucial stages of ethnography
Article 66 - Feminist critique of interviews
Article 1 - Social networks and health
Article 2 - Email as a form of communications
Article 4 - The six lessons of security guards
Article 15 – The transition from baseball to football (according to Messner)
Article 16 – Embedded reporters and Stockholm Syndrome
Article 17 – “White Negros”
Families – Lecture
Arlie Hochschild
Article 6 - Parents of young children and depression
Article 8 - Giddens v. Cherlin’s theory of love
Article 37 - Muslim Americans and religious devotion
Article 38 - The number of scientists that consider themselves spiritual
Article 40 - American piety
Religion – Lecture
Sociologist of religion most likely to ask…
Micro and Macro view of religion
Marx’s view of Religion
Durkheim’s view of Religion
Article 41 - The primary reason for prolonged early adulthood
Article 42 - Physical and mental capacity during aging
Article 43 – higher elderly employment rates relationship to youth employment rates
Article 44 – The reasons some employers fire older workers and replace them with younger ones
Article 46 - men’s poor health habits consequences to children’s conception or prenatal problems
Article 47 – Sociologist dealing with biological issues
Article 48 - Genetic research and social factors
Article 49 – US infant mortality rate, money spent on education v. life expectancy
Article 11 – What helps produce the best educational outcomes, when education gaps developed.
Article 12 – Max Weber and educational credentials
Article 13 – Black/white vocabularies, Claude Steele’s research