5.2. Death rate due to chronic diseases

Death rate due to chronic diseases
The number of deaths in 2014 is 108 952 and the crude mortality rate is 15.1‰. Compared to
the previous year the number of deaths has increase by 4 607 or 4.4%. Mortality rate of
the men is 16.1‰, and the women 14.1‰. 1 082 men died per 1 000 women in 2014.
The premature mortality1 in 2014 is 22.4%, unchanged from 2013. There are considerable
differences in the premature mortality indicator for male and female population. The dead
females aged up to 64 represent 14.7% of all dead females, while among the males the same
share is almost twice higher - 29.5%.
The indicator “death rate due to chronic diseases” is defined as the death rate due to certain
chronic diseases for persons aged less than 65 years, by gender. The following diseases have
been considered: malignant neoplasms, diabetes mellitus, ischaemic heart diseases,
cerebrovascular diseases, chronic lower respiratory diseases, and chronic liver diseases. As
the incidence of chronic diseases varies significantly with age and sex, for international
comparisons the indicator is expressed using age-standardized rates which improve
comparability over time and between countries, as they adjust raw incidence rates according
to a standard European age structure. In 2014 53.9% of all deaths of the population up to 65
years of age are due to these diseases and respectively 52.6% of male deaths and 56.5% of
female deaths at the age up to 65. Similarly to the crude death rate, the figures for the death
rate due to chronic diseases are significantly higher for the males.
Figure 1. Death rate due to chronic diseases by gender
Relative share of deceased persons up to the age of 65 years of the total number of deaths.