Systematic Theology II - THL3306

Systematic Theology II - THL3306
COLLEGE MISSION STATEMENT: Arlington Baptist College endeavors to prepare
men and women for Christian life and ministries, both lay and professional, through
studies in Bible, general education, church vocations and practical service, integrating
faith and learning in the context of a Christian world view.
• This course is based on the definitions studied in Bible Doctrine. The relationship of
doctrines to each other is treated here. The course begins by considering how man comes
to know God and continues to explore the revelation of God to man through scripture, the
works of God, man and his sin, salvation and the end things. The doctrines are studied to
show how one doctrine gives rise to another.
• Systematic Theology II Continues Systematic Theology I
• The Bible (KJV)
• Lectures in Systematic Theology (Henry C. Thiessen)
• The Pleasures of God (John Piper)
• Definitions in Doctrine (C.D. Cole) Vol. II
Reading- The following pages from the textbook:
Pages 168-196 (The Fall of Man)
Pages 197-305 (Soteriology)
Pages 335-403 (Eschatology)
HomeworkYou will receive homework assignments consisting of questions taken from Definitions
in Doctrine by C.D.Cole. Each homework assignment not turned in will result in five
points deducted from your final grade average.
Term Papers- Four will be required.
An eight page paper including a thesis statement, an outline, eight sources listed in a
Bibliography, (excluding the Bible), at least three parenthetical quotes per page, and the
pages must be numbered.
This paper is worth 100 points. This is a course requirement; YOU MUST TURN THIS
Choose from the following subjects:
Soteriology- Adoption
Soteriology- Sanctification
Soteriology- Perserverance
Pneumatiology- The work of the Holy Spirit in Salvation
Eschatology- The Rapture of the Saints
Eschatology- The Tribulation
Eschatology- The Millennium
A four page paper on Chapter five of John Piper’s book The Pleasures of God.
A four page paper on Chapter Six of John Piper’s book The Pleasures of God.
A four page paper on the Appendix of John Piper’s book The Pleasures of God.
1. Each paper will be worth 100 points.
1. A notebook of all class lectures with all blanks filled in. The notebook will be worth
100 points.
Dividers are required between all subjects. All notebooks turned with homemade dividers
will receive 0 credit. It has been my ten year observation that the artistic talents of most
college students could be used as arguments FOR evolution that has not passed the
There will be three exams given. The dates will be announced.
Attendance in this class is very important. The lecture notes will be handed out as they
are covered. If you miss class you must get the missed note from a classmate. Each
evening class equals three daily classes therefore only three absences are permitted. Four
absences will mean failure. We are studying very important doctrines so be on time!!
Any student not in attendance by roll call will be counted absent!! BE ON TIME!!!
There are 900 possible points.
900-858 A
857-810 B
809-750 C
749-720 D
719-0 F
There will be instruction and discussion concerning “Hamartiology”, the study of sin; its
origin, nature, universality and the consequences of sin.
There will be instruction and discussion concerning “Soteriology”; the doctrine of
salvation. We will note God’s eternal purposes, God’s plan, the work of Christ in
salvation, the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation, the Sovereignty of God in salvation,
and a number of important terms involved in salvation.
There will be instruction and discussion concerning “Eschatology”. The major events of
Eschatology will be covered. The Rapture of the saints, The Tribulation period, The AntiChrist, The Revelation of Christ, The Judgment Seat of Christ, The Marriage of the
Lamb, The Millennium, and the Great White Throne Judgment.
This course will provide you with a solid foundation upon which you can develop your
personal understanding of Hamartilogy, Soteriology, and Eschatology.
This course will introduce you to competent Authors of Theological writings that will
benefit you in your theological studies.
VII. INSTRUCTIONAL GOALSThis course should enable you to:
Have a reasonable understanding of the study of the origin, nature, and consequences of
Recognize the facts concerning the eternality of God’s purpose and plan of salvation for
repentant believers.
Grasp the concept of God’s sovereignty in all matters pertaining to salvation.
Discuss the work of the Trinity with regards to salvation.
Be familiar with important terms in the “vocabulary of salvation.
Know what to expect for the future of man, the world, and 1. the agents of evil.
When you complete this course, you should be able to:
With regards to HamartiologyDefine Hamartiology
Give Bancroft’s explanation of the origin of sin.
Explain what is meant when we say that man is polluted by sin.
Give eight descriptive statements explaining the nature of sin.
Explain “Dead in Sin” in Eph. 2:1
Explain how sin has affected man’s heart, mind, and will.
Define “sin” and list in writing the facts concerning its creation, nature, and
consequences of the fall of man.
With regards to “Soteriology”-
Define “salvation.
Explain how the eternal plan of God to save man is clearly seen.
Prove verbally and in writing the eternality of Jesus Christ.
Defend the Baptist position concerning the two natures of Jesus Christ.
List Old Testament types and prophecies concerning the death of Jesus Christ.
Define the “Decrees of God”.
Convey the importance, uniqueness, and credibility of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Define the important terms in the “vocabulary of salvation”.
With regards to EschatologyList the major events in Eschatology and give the scriptural references for the major
events in eschatology.
IX. CLASS SCHEDULE- Monday Evening 7:00- 9:30 C.E. 103
January 17 -February 8 Hamartiology
February 8- April 11 Soteriology
April 11- May 9 Eschatology
Important dates to Remember
March 14-18 Spring Break
April 22– Easter Holiday
May 9-7- Final, notebooks due
May 16-18- WBF Annual Meeting
May 19 – Commencement
I am here to assist you in every way that I can! If you need to speak with me I will make
myself available after class or I can be reached in my office at 817- 860- 2588; or at
home at 972- 206-1652, or cell # 972-345-1406
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