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Sin-Cross religious discussion
In Hinduism, the term sin
(pāpa in Sanskrit) is often
used to describe actions that
create negative karma by
violating moral and ethical
codes, which automatically
brings negative
consequences. Sin in this
sense is not a crime against
the will of God, but against
(1) moral order, and (2) one's
own self.
Muslims see sin as anything that goes against the
commands of God (Allah). Islam teaches that sin is an act
and not a state of being. The Qur'an teaches that "the
soul is certainly prone to evil, unless the Lord does
bestow His Mercy" and that even the prophets do not
absolve themselves of the blame
Judaism regards the
violation of any of the
613 commandments as
a sin. Judaism teaches
that sin is an act, but
one has an inclination
to do evil "from his
In Christianity, sin is believed to alienate
the sinner from God. It has damaged, and
completely severed, the relationship of
humanity to God. That relationship can
only be restored through acceptance of
Jesus Christ and his death on the cross as a
substitutionary sacrifice for mankind's sin.
Original sin states that sin entered the
human world through Adam and Eve's sin
in the Garden of Eden, and that human
beings have since lived with the
consequences of this first sin.
The Effect of Choosing a life of Sin…
a. For those not in Christ
- Eternal Physical & Spiritual Separation from
God… hell
b. For those truly in Christ
- Wont destroy your salvation
- Will destroy your relationship
Natural Question… Can you become
“unsaved” once “saved?”
The bible leaves room
for both answers…
Can renounce Salvation
2 Pet. 2:1;
Gal. 5:4;
Heb. 6:4-6
Heb. 10:26-27
Ps. 69:28
Cannot renounce Salvation
John. 10:27-28
Heb. 13:5
Matt. 7:21-23
1 John. 2:19
Rom. 8:38-39
Natural Next Questions
Were they ever saved in the first place?
How can I have assurance of Salvation?
How far can I push sin and remain in Salvation?
Why would you try?
Biblically- Romans 6
Spiritually- You have the Holy Spirit
Rationally- It doesn’t make Sense