Mini style checklist template

Chemical Senses mini style checklist
 Article: Author CD, Author EF. Year. Article title. Abbrev. J Name. vol(issue):page-range.
 Book: Author CD, Author EF. Year. Title. Edition. Place of Publication: publisher.
 Chapter: Author CD, Author EF. Year. Chapter Title. In: Editor CD, editor. Book title.
Place of Publication: publisher. page-range.
 Web sites: Author CD. Year. Title of Homepage [Internet]. Company/Organization. [date
updated/date cited]. Available from http://www.website_address
[Article:] Marshall DA, Moulton DG. 1981. Olfactory sensitivity to alpha-ionone in humans and dogs. Chem
Senses. 6:53-61.
[Book:] van der Starre H, editor. 1980. Olfaction and Taste VII. Oxford: IRL Press.
[Chapter:] Cagan RH, Rhein LD. 1980. Biochemical basis of recognition of taste and olfactory stimuli. In: van
der Starre H, editor. Olfaction and Taste VII. Oxford: IRL Press. p. 35-44.
Page spans are given in full (for example, 1942-1949).
List up to 10 authors; if more than 10 authors, list first 10 authors followed by ", et al.”
IN-TEXT CITATIONS – Harvard (author date) Follow CSE 29.2
 Format: Harvard (Surname Year)
 1 author: (Smith 2010); 2 authors: (Smith and Jones 2010); more than 2 authors: (Smith
et al. 2010); or (Smith, Wesson et al. 2010) if there are 2 different Smith author groups.
 In-text citations come immediately after title, word, or phrase to which it is relevant.
 US spelling (
 PLEASE NOTE: All numbers are provided as Arabic numerals/digits (including numbers
under 10; follow CSE chapter 12).
 Number spans are given in full (for example, 120-126).
 Thousand separator is thin space.
 Dates: example – 5 Jan 2010.
 Use double quotation marks.
 Single quotation marks for quotes within quotes.
 Required; maximum of 6 terms; alphabetical order.
 Commonly used abbreviations do not need defining. All other abbreviations are defined
at first mention in both the abstract and the text.
 Units of measure are given in shortened (for example, km, not kilometers)
 US states should be abbreviated using the postal codes (MA for Massachusetts).
 Follow CSE 6.2.1; for example, words with the prefix “non” or “pre” are not hyphenated.
 Oxford/serial comma is allowed.
 Punctuation is given inside quotation marks.
 “i.e.” and “e.g.” are not to be used.
 Use of Latin is not privileged in this style.
 If a figure is to appear in color online but black and white in print, a single legend (which
does not refer to color) must be created that can be used for both black and white and
color versions.