Book Fair June 2015 - Harrington Junior School

‘A Caring School Where Every Child Matters’
Dear Parents,
We are holding a Book Fair in school from Wednesday 10th- 17th June 2015.
The Travelling Book Fair offer children an opportunity to buy books from the wide range
on offer during the Book Fair Week. We all recognise the importance of children being
able to read and enjoy books at home.
The school will also benefit from any sales made, in the form of commission used to
purchase books for the school library and home readers.
The enclosed leaflet indicates some of the books on offer. Your child will have the
opportunity to visit the Book Fair during class time as indicated below.
Year 6
Wednesday 10th June
Year 5
Thursday 11th June
Year 4
Monday 15th June
Year 3
Tuesday 16th June
There will also be an opportunity for parents to visit the Book Fair after school on
Friday 12th June 3.30 - 4.15 p.m.
This Book Fair supports our work to encourage reading and to improve standards.
Throughout the week we will be holding lessons, events and assemblies to promote this
important skill.
We look forward to seeing you.
Mrs R Wilmot - Headteacher
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