9th Grade Parent Inventory

Gifted Support Parent Inventory
For use in developing student’s IEP
Student’s Name__________________________________________ Grade _____________
Parent Name(s) __________________________________________
Parent Email ____________________________________________
Best Phone Number_______________________________________
1. In general, what is your evaluation of your child’s academic progress? Have there been particular
successes or struggles?
2. How would you assess your child’s ability to use higher order thinking skills (analysis, synthesis,
evaluation) and problem solving skills?
3. What special interests or talents does your child have?
4. What can the gifted support program do to help your child meet his goals and/or enrich his learning
opportunities? Are there any specific topics your child would enjoy studying?
5. It’s early!—but has your child shared any career and/or college interests with you?
6. Are you able to serve as a resource for either community service or internship opportunities for our
students? If so, how?
7. Would you like me to call you to discuss any issue you would rather not commit to writing? Is so, what
time would be most convenient?
Parent Signature_________________________________________ Date______________