Ideas for a GREAT Gifted and Talented Website o Options/Continuum of services

Ideas for a GREAT Gifted and Talented
 Address the following:
o Identification
o Advanced Learning Plans
o Options/Continuum of services
for GT
 GT Site Coordinator Contact and BIO
 Resources for parents
 Link up to the district SITE!!!!
 Questions to try to answer…
o What makes your school unique in
terms of gifted education?
o What does each grade-level
offer? What if a student is in
primary grades and not yet
o Include District FAQ’s if you’d
like!!!! They are on your
flash-drive and in your
 Pictures of special projects or
field trips – make it personal!
 What books do you recommend for
gifted learners? Any great websites
for the students?
 A blog! What are you doing from
 Don’t forget to email Mary the link
if you haven’t done so already.