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week 5 ethics activity

Dear BOE Member,
Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention in regards to the “Gifted Program”.
We have developed an independent team to best evaluate the state approved assessment to see if
it is fair and balanced since the program has been in place for three years. These members
include parent, school administrator, school board member, ELA, Math and Science team
member. When we are selecting students, we look at the top 7% of the class to invite to the
program. There are other measures we can look into to see if they will meet the requirements for
state funding. We will also be creating a team to identify the following measures for selection
into the gifted program. These programs may include Star testing, the state assessment, teacher
recommendations, maintaining a 90% or better in both math and reading. By using multiple
measures this will give students various platforms to accel at and be identified as gifted rather
than one IQ test. The curriculum does provide equitable opportunities for all students at all
levels. This team will evaluate the outcomes each summer to see if all needs of students are
being met and if changes need to be made. Please feel free to contact me with any other
questions you may have.
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum