G328-PR-Vocation of Politicians

Preparation for G328 – The Vocation of Politicians
In this election season, we are going to ask you to take a look at the vocation of politicians.
What about your political vocation? Can you imagine what your career would be like if you had
entered politics? The first 3 questions are based on the your imaginary political career.
1. Imagine that politics is your calling.
 Describe your career.
 Why did you enter politics?
 What do you stand for?
 Who do you represent?
2. How would you navigate the push/pull of ideals vs practicality? Compromise vs
taking a stand? How do you feel about compromise in the politicians who represent
3. What Unitarian Universalist principles do your constituents see in your stands? What
should the relationship between your religious values and your political stands be?
4. What involvement have you had in politics?
5. How can you support the calling of the politicians that represent you?
6. What politician do you most admire and why?
G328, 10/05/2014
© 2014 First Unitarian Church of San José
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