Aug 2012 - Closing the Gap

Tauranga Group August 2012
Local Public Meeting: The “Gap Slides” were presented It was
agreed that this was generally a great success but there were ways
it could be improved.
• We could have included a questionnaire re how did you hear
about he meeting. Useful for future events
• Could focus on getting more “high profile” local people there. We
need to find a way of enticing them to such an event.
• Concerns about the lack of support from the local media. One
way that would help would be to get an Op Ed piece
Another Public Meeting: The style of this meeting to be
discussed. Could be
• High profile speaker followed by…
• International Café style ie groups around tables discussing
issues. Could include “how do we actually close the gap”
• Information evening.
• Workshop on solving inequality
• An event onRed Square.
Maori Inclusion: A local person will develop material for the
Where to from here: Ideas included: engage Government
through local politicians; further surveys of politicians; make
contact with Helen Kelly; Inequality is Too Expensive good
promotional phrase; approach Share holders group