Kate McCullough (NI Women's European Platform)

Leadership, Equality, Advocacy,
Democracy Programme
DemocraShe - HEReNI - NI Women's Rural Network - Northern
Ireland Women's European Platform - Women's Aid Federation
- Women's Information NI - Women's Resource and
• LEAD is a programme developed by DemocraShe in collaboration
with Women’s Resource and Development Agency (WRDA) and
Women’s Information NI (WINI)
• It is supported by
 Women’s Aid Federation NI
 Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform (NIWEP)
 Northern Ireland Women’s Rural Network (NIWRN)
 WomensTEC
• The project is based on 2 key objectives identified in relation to the
need to increase local women in politics and decision making:
 To develop the skills of local women to play a more significant
political role in their communities
 To empower local women to become democratic and
participatory leaders
oThe 3 tier programme is designed to increase women's political
awareness, advocacy, lobbying and representation
 Level 1: Women, Politics and Power
 Level 2: Women & Leadership
 Level 3: Women, Political Education & Participation
oThe programme content includes:
 training on advocacy and coalition building
 leadership skills
 negotiation skills
 lobbying and campaigning
 public policy and political education training
• Working collaboratively across the women’s sector to:
 share resources and knowledge
 identify training needs from the diversity of members
 prepare training programmes based on the diversity of
women across Northern Ireland
(Recommendation 3)
• Consider LEAD approaching female politicians to mentor women on the
(Recommendation 11)
• Consider LEAD approaching female politicians to consult on how to engage with
young women in politics
(Recommendation 21)
• Consider LEAD collaborating with female politicians on activities for International
Women’s Day or Democracy week
(Recommendation 25)
• Consider how LEAD and female politicians can collaborate to bring about an
effective Gender Equality Strategy to assist women to have a career in politics
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