Plants and regions of the rangelands in Idaho

Plants and regions of the rangelands in Idaho
In groups of two, pick one of the following types of plants or regions and make a slide
show presentation.
The following websites will be helpful:
and any others you may want to use
Also use the books on weeds and plants from the shelf.
Plant Types
Coniferous trees
Deciduous trees
Poisonous plants
Noxious weeds
Idaho Eco-regions
Intermountain Bunchgrass
Cold Desert
Sagebrush Grassland
Juniper Woodlands
Mountain Forests
Include the following information for each type of region:
Pictures of the region or plants
List the distinguishing characteristics of the region
Pictures and definitions of the animals or fish that live there
Picture and definitions of the plant types that live there
Your slide show must include the following information:
Definition and explanation of your topic.
At least 5 plants that are either from your type or region
Description of the plant
Scientific name
Longevity (how long does it live)
Origin (Where is it from)
Value as a feed for wildlife and livestock
Is it poisonous or noxious
You must make a 20 question worksheet to hand out to the class while you are