8. Weeds Land Steward

Land Steward
Resource Notebook
8. Weeds
Noxious Weed Policy & Classification System, Oregon Dept. Agriculture Noxious
Weed Control Program. Describes the criteria for determining the economic and
environmental significance of noxious weeds.
Rogue Valley’s Most Wanted Weeds
Great colorful pictures that show the top 10 worst noxious weeds
Jackson County CWMA 1-page describing the mission of the Cooperative Weed
Management Area, contact information for reporting high priority weeds, and more
information about their priority plant, garlic mustard.
Additional Resources:
Weed Control Methods Handbook: Tools & Techniques for Use in Natural Areas.
Rogue Valley’s Most Wanted Weeds
These are priorities for Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR). With a concerted
effort, these weeds can be eradicated or controlled before they become well-established.
Invasive Weeds of Concern
These weeds are already well-established in the Rogue Valley. It’s probably not realistic
to completely eradicate them, but individual owners can help reduce their abundance, and
re-establish healthy native vegetation in areas of control.