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Department: Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)
Location: Gorham, Portland, and Lewiston
Schedule: 8am – 4:30pm Monday thru Friday, weekends and nights as needed
Organizational Relationships:
Reports to: Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Supervises: Work study student(s), contracting personnel, new department employees
during initial orientation
Coordinates with: All campus employees, vendors, and contractors requesting or
requiring direction on health or safety related matters in support
of safe work practices on University properties.
Statement of the Job:
The Safety and Health Specialist assists in the development, maintenance, and promotion of all
University EH&S Safety and Health programs. The Safety and Health Specialist is responsible
for coordinating the inspection and upkeep of specific life safety systems and devices. The
position oversees hazardous waste collection and disposal practices along with documentation
and required reporting. The Specialist provides technical expertise, in support of maintaining a
safe and healthy environment for students, employees, and visitors to the University of
Southern Maine campuses.
Essential Functions:
1. Coordinates inspections and corrective actions of specific life safety equipment and
systems, including emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, exit signs, and smoke detection
2. Oversees hazardous and biohazardous waste storage, inspection, and disposal practices for
all three campuses. Maintains all documentation associated with hazardous and
biohazardous waste storage, collection, and disposal.
3. Evaluates the properties of waste chemicals and compounds (waste determinations) in order
to minimize the risk of incompatibility situations and maintain compliance with hazardous
waste storage and shipping regulations.
4. Manage and organize lab and other department chemical inventory documentation and
annual updating practices.
5. Assists in the selection, development, and implementation of training programs on pertinent
safety and health issues affecting specific USM departments and personnel.
6. Prepares and presents training programs on various health and safety program topics.
7. Initiates and coordinates activities conducted by outside contractors for on-site sampling,
testing, abatement and disposal of asbestos or lead containing materials.
8. Serves as liaison to local and state agencies including fire and police, emergency
responders, medical professionals, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection
(DEP), and the Bureau of Labor Standards (BLS).
9. Oversees the updating and posting of health and safety related notifications such as meeting
space occupancy ratings, evacuation plans, and maps.
10. Maintains attendance records on training sessions given to meet regulatory requirements.
11. Identifies safety violations and deficiencies and initiates appropriate action by either
generating Facilities Management work orders or through other equally effective means.
Marginal Functions:
1. The Safety and Health Specialist works directly with the Director on the maintenance and
development of the environmental safety and health programs.
2. Performs other reasonably related duties as assigned.
3. May conduct ergonomic evaluations for employees.
Supervisory Responsibilities:
1. Supervises the activities of work study students.
2. Acts as an alternate for time card approval and hazardous substance purchasing approvals.
Budget Responsibilities:
1. Evaluates invoices and other billing documents in order to properly and effectively assist
departments with understanding the cost for disposal of hazardous and biohazardous waste.
2. Consults with the Director as needed to insure that department expenditures remain within
budget limitations.
Public and Professional Activities:
1. Participates in state, regional, and national organizations related to Occupational Safety and
Internal/External Contacts:
1. University Departments, System-wide Services
2. Vendors specializing in hazardous waste, environmental sampling, & asbestos/lead
3. Faculty, staff, and students
4. General public
5. Local, state, and federal regulatory agencies
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
1. Possess an attitude that fosters a respectful, non-threatening workplace environment.
2. Knowledge of regulatory requirements in safety and environmental management.
3. Record of effective management of a safety and environmental management program in a
complex organization.
4. Excellent communication skills (oral, computer, and written)
5. Demonstrated ability to start, maintain, and complete multiple projects by deadlines.
1. Required
i. Bachelor’s degree (with preference given to a degree in the Safety and Health
field or similar). A minimum of two years work experience in the safety and
health profession.
2. Preferred
i. Advanced training and experience in occupational safety and health fields
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