Biology 112 Animal Classification Project Mr

Biology 112
Animal Classification Project
Mr. Ward
All animals are multicellular. They are also heterotrophic, taking in food and
digesting it inside the body. Most animals are motile (able to move) at some point in
their lives.
However, even though all animals show many similarities, there is great diversity
within the kingdom Animalia. In this assignment, you and your partner select a certain
phylum of animals and answer the questions below about the group
Once you have been given your group, it is recommended you select 1 example to
represent your group and answer the following:
i) A description of the phylum/class you selected; not the organism you selected.
(minimum 5 facts)
ii) A general description of the organism (size, colour, life span, vertebrate or
invertebrate, where are they found including habitat and where in the world)? You may
want to provide other examples from your group that are related as well.
iii) How do they move? Do they have radial or bilateral symmetry?
iv) What do they eat and how do they obtain food?
v) Does your group contain acoelomates, pseudocoelomates, coelomates or do they lack a
coelom altogether?
iv) Describe their
- nervous system (Do they have a brain? Nerve cells? A response system?)
- digestive system (What parts do food pass through, Do they have a complete or
incomplete system)
- circulatory system (What is used to transport materials through the organism;
blood or some other fluid; open or closed system, heart? arteries? veins?)
- respiratory system (how do they obtain oxygen, lungs? gills? some other
- reproductive system (asexual or sexual; internal or external fertilization)
v) Explain what connections there may be between the phylum you selected and humans.
Are they food? Do they cause sickness? Do they help or cause problems in other ways?
Your project can be completed in a number of ways:
1. On a display board
2. Using power point (e mail me your finished product at
3. By creating a child’s book either through technology or on paper.
4. Any method of your choice that is OK’ed by the teacher.
Be sure to include a list of references showing all sources of information. The project
will not be marked unless a list of sources is received. Be sure to keep track of all
books, web sites etc. that are used in your research. Your textbook, as well as the Nelson
and Heath book found at the rear of the class are great resources. Please see me to sign
out any text you find useful.
Due Date: November 27, 2015
5 (should have a minimum of 5 sources)
You will be given at least 2 classes (along with the netbooks) to work on your project.
Page 1074 in your text is a good starting place
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For 10 bonus marks, you can display your project in the cafeteria on Dec 1. This is the
night of the school science fair. If you decide to do this, the project must be done on a tri
fold board, you must be in attendance the entire evening and be able to talk about your
work as people visit. I will need to know your intentions before Nov 13.