I have many goals set for myself during my first year of college. I
want to see what there is to offer in this new world that we are all
discovering and experiencing together. We are all here to learn, but I
want to do more than just learn. I want to meet new people and make
many new memories with my fellow college-mates that will last a lifetime.
I want to establish a professional relationship with my professors and be
able to talk to them for help. I want to learn many new things to broaden
my knowledge in the field I have chosen to go into. I want to be
successful in my college career and have something to show for my hard
work towards my degree in Physical Therapy. I want to learn more than I
have learned in my past schooling and see the different ways of teaching.
I want to learn the responsibility of getting to class everyday, having my
homework done, and having studied efficiently for the next big exam. I
want to feel confident when taking my classes and tests.
I want college to make me a better person after all my experiences
with it are over. I can already see changes happening in my life and so
far, they have all been for the better. I like college a lot and I hope to
keep having these great experiences throughout the rest of my college
career. I want to become a more assertive person towards reaching the
many goals I have set for myself. Al in all, I want college to be a good
experience and I am looking forward to the experiences it will bring.
I also want to teach myself to like English. That is my general goal
for this particular class this year.