Plant Cell Notes

Plant Cell Notes
Photo – means light
Synthesis – means putting together
Photosynthesis – uses light energy to combine carbon dioxide and water to produce
glucose and oxygen.
Chloroplast – organelle where photosynthesis occurs (green, egg-shaped structures)
Chlorophyll – green substance in the chloroplasts that traps energy from sunlight to
make sugars.
Cell Wall – tough, non-living material that acts like an outside skeleton for each plant
Information on plant cells
Nearly all plant and animal cells contain cell membranes, nuclei, cytoplasm, and other
Plant cells are larger than animal cells.
Plant cells usually have only one large vacuole. It is located near the center and pushes
cytoplasm against the cell membrane.
12/10 Notes
Unicellular Organism – an organism that is made of a single cell.
Multi-Cellular Organism – an organism that is made of multiple cells.
*cells in multicellular organisms are specialized.*
Tissue – a group of similar cells organized to do a specific job.
Organ – different tissues working together to perform a particular function.
Organ system – different organs and tissues working together.