Notes Outline *Characteristics of Living Things*

Notes Outline
“Characteristics of Living Things”
Biology is
-the study of _________
“bios” means ___________ & “-logy” means _________________
1. Living things are made ups of _________.
Cells are the _________ _________ of structure & function.
Write down some the types of cells discussed:
2. Living things ____________.
-produce ___________ which resemble parents
Two types of reproduction:
Sexual - _______ cells from __________________ parents unite
to produce the first cell of a new organism
Asexual – a new organism has a _____________ parent
3. Living things are based on universal _____________ ____________.
Molecule called __________ contains the ___________
___________ which determines the inherited traits of every
organism on earth.
4. Living things ______________ during their lifetime.
-____________ (increase in shape & size)
- _____________(mature)
-Have a ___________ ____________
Write down some examples we discussed:
5. Living things use/need __________.
Energy comes from ___________ and is used to maintain the body.
__________________ is the combination of chemical reactions
through which an organism builds up or breaks down materials as it
carries out its life processes.
6. Living things ____________ to their surroundings.
React to a ______________.
Reaction is called a ______________.
Write down an example of stimulus-response:
7. Living things maintain a ____________ ____________________
______________________: internal balance.
8. Living things as a group _______ over time. (______________)
Change to better ______________ their environment.
Changes take place over a _______________ period of time.
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