Anders Berggren <[email protected]

Anders Berggren &lt;[email protected]&gt;
MoodleMoot Scandinavia 2008
Петък, 2008, Януари 11 12:52:19 EET
Dear Daniel,
How are things?
I hope that 2008 will be a great year for you.
We rarely have any news about Bulgaria in
Swedish media (it is a big world) but recently
I heard that you have had quite a lot of snow.
So do we of course.
Produce a book?
I have been pondering upon your book proposal.
I don't know if the proposal still stands but here
are some of my ideas.
Title: E+Learning - everything for everyone
Major aim
To promote and enable broad mainstream adoption
of e+learning. This necessarily involves identifying a
heterogenous target group of stakeholders.
What kind of book?
It should be both a reference book and an elementary practice
book bridging the gap between the front line scientific level and
the level of the now e+learning illiterates.
Characteristics of the book
The book needs to offer authoritative interactive edutainment.
It has to be comprehensive, comprehensible and easy, funny
and inspiring to use. I do not propose employing or copying
some existing model (template) used by others in order to
enable multiple books. The form must be developed for this
particular project.
You and I do not necessarily have to author everything ourselves.
We could also be editors coordinating the work of others.
One book or a library of books?
This is a huge, and dynamic field of knowledge. One thick book
could be too &quot;heavy&quot; so a series of books covering various topics
could be a better option.
It should be possible to provide supplements to the book without
re-writing the whole thing and force people to buy new copies.
Safari offers an inspiring example of what could be done to
expand the concept of a book.
To me it seems natural to suggest a collaboration with
Packt pub about this.
Pedagogical implications
Obviously you can learn a lot from reading text, autodidactically
but we should offer extended access to these outsights, insights,
competencies, skills and capacities.
Multiple complementary sources
to mastering e+learning
We can set up websites for the book to keep it updated.
Such already exist, so what do we want to add? Examples:
Instruction Design System
E-learning Handbook
Online courses
We could have e.g. Moodle-based courses to support the book readers.
Thus they could develop in a social form and guided by a pedagogical
strategy. This would enable the building of potentially fruitful social and
professional networks.
Events, conferences
We could arrange international (global) events based on all these
assets suggested to make knowledge about e+learning accessible.
What do you make of all this? Looking forward to your responses,
Your MoodleMoot contribution
We have prolonged the submission of papers till Jan 31.
However it would be nice to see an outline of what you
would like to speak about sooner than that so that we
can reflect and communicate iteratively about it.
All the best!
Anders Berggren
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Anders Berggren [email protected]
MoodleMoot Scandinavia 2008 – registration
Четвъртък, 2008, Януари 17 21:24:31 EET
Dear Daniel,
Now you can register for the Moot.
Of course I would like to discuss your
contributions further as well when it suits you.
Of course we would pleased if you'd
care to help us spread this information.
Moot Registration
MoodleMoot Scandinavia March 9-11 2008
registration is now open till February 7.
Welcome to
if you want more info and register.
Direct link
Here's a direct link to registration online:
You can register for 1, 2 or 3 optional days.
We also want to know if you'd like to have
lunch with us at the Moote and/or participate
in a social supper on Monday March 10. This is
not included in the Moot fee.
Payment in various forms
You can pay online with card or via PayPal.
For off line payment information - contact us via mail.
Swedish VAT
Information about possible re-funding of Swedish VAT
to non-Swedish attendees (entreprenuers).
Moot Moodle-course
When we have received your registration data
and payments we will send you a course key by
mail so that you can register on the online course:
MoodleMoot Scandinavia 2008 Online.
The Moot starts online the more active participants
the better Moot. Examining the course content and
engaging in activities also gives you an opportunity
to be better prepared for the Moot.
At you can see the program
in English and also download a mini-poster if
you want to help us spread info about the Moot.
If you want to register more than 4 people then
you can add one more for free. Contact us if you
want to do that.
Moot-location in Leksand
At -&gt;M?ten you can
see the rooms and restaurants we will use for the Moot.
You can choose and order accommodation at:
Communications - Leksand
Information about communications and how to get
to and from Leksand you can find at:
Unfortunately only in Swedish.
Contact us if you need further help.
Questions and problems
If you have questions or problems then you are most
welcome to contact us and then we will do our best to
help you. See contact info below.
Worth pondering upon
Thoughts must be given time.
Relating to other people must be given time.
Rome wasn't built in one day and there were
a number of people helping out doing it.
Nobody/nothing is perfect but it can be good
enough anyway.
Best regards an hope to see you at the Moot!
Anders Berggren
moodlerooms Sweden Office