A Report Into the Binding of the Spirit Nimue, Following the

Moot 2, 1107 – Closing Edition
Excalibur Exploded!
This morning there was a large ruckus outside the
ritual circle. As everyone was briefed before we
arrived at the Moot, the Lands around the
transport circle are blighted by causes unknown.
These dark forces somehow reached into the
purity of Excalibur and began to corrupt the spirit
of this mighty sword.
In a desperate attempt to cure the noble blade, the
worshippers of Pendragon rushed Excalibur to
their shrine and began to pray for aid.
Unfortunately, they were either too late or the
opposing dark forces were just too much, and
Excalibur exploded.
Even in this dark time, there is a ray of sunshine
and a reason for celebration in the Harts Faction.
May I extend my hearty congratulations for the
betrothal of King Edward Pendragon to Morgaine
of Cornwall. May Albion prosper under the
leadership of this great union.
- Jasper the Troll
My sympathies to the Harts for the loss of this
mighty sword.
This letter was delivered to the Bards' Guild amid rumours
that Ensabadu Il Shamsir has been kidnapped. However,
we have been unable to establish the veracity of the source.
- Jasper the Troll
An Apology
As has been stated in previous issues, we are not
always left with an easy choice with regard to what
to print. For the Opening Edition for this Moot,
we received an anonymous letter which put
forward a controversial opinion. It had been our
hope that by publishing it in the letters section, we
could show that it was not being printed as fact,
but rather highlighting an opinion. Evidently, we
did not do enough to this end.
Accordingly, we wish to apologise. We apologise
for any hurt or upset we may have caused to the
parties at whom this letter was aimed, and are
pleased to note that they have put forward their
side of the story, and that a fitting obituary for
Master Ori has been supplied.
We shall be re-examining once more our
submissions policy.
New Guild Masters
After the tragic loss of Master Ori, the Testament
is glad to say that the Scouts' Guild has named a
new successor: Master Naziel. Additionally, we are
pleased to announce that the Archers have
elevated Master Drake to the rank of Guildmaster.
It is your trust that has betrayed you. Ensabadu Il
Shamsir is in my power. I have taken him from
under your noses. I have been promoted, and I
have been given one of your items of power. You
are all fools, and unworthy of my attentions. I
have not killed him, and those that have paid me
so very handsomely for him will likely keep
They have assured me that they have much more
interesting things in store for him. Your Lord of
the Nile will pay for all your sins. His flesh will be
scarred with the litany of your wrongdoings, and
his screams will ring forth until your puny forces
crash against the defences of my employers. Do
not hesitate to try and find me - you will never
succeed. I enjoyed watching your pitiful charade
of organisation. The secrets you relinquished will
make me richer than I dreamed possible.
Gaston Parr
(Sgt. Aroma Jabas)
Moot 2, 1107 – Closing Edition
Obituary - Master Ori
Ori was everything a Guildleader should be courageous, clever, a tribute to her guild and the
craft she tutored. She was a striking woman, a
loyal friend and a steadfast foe. Her death was a
cruel blow and I lament her passing. She is a great
loss to us all, servant and saviour of Erdreja.
I will remember her.
In reply to "Opinions on the
Mercenary Alliance"
The Lions would like to categorically refute claims
that they ritually created and supplied a poison to
be used in an assassination attempt on Styx
Cruentatus. This rumour has no foundation in
truth a serves only to fuel the lies bandied about by
those people who have no wish for a peaceful and
diplomatic end to these proceedings.
The Lions only stance at the first Moot was to
protect their camp and their guests therein. All the
Lions faction are in favour of a peaceful and nonviolent resolution.
-Kirsten Geyer, Leader of the Lions Council.
Pigmy Pirate Terror
A new menace struck the Guilds as a diminutive
scourge of the sea held up several Guild tents,
escaping with booty amounting to several gold.
Witnesses described the culprit as about 3 foot tall,
dressed in bright pink, adorable and yet somehow
incredibly intimidating.
There are no leads at present which might lead to
the apprehension of this bandit.
Further Pyro Postulations
In the opening edition of the Testament, we ran an
article in which Pillow put forward a theory as to
the cause of the current plague of fire elementals.
Citing the escape of Kinslayer, the Entropic
Immortal of Fire, from the Cataclysm battlefield,
he theorised that this entity might be responsible
for the current troubles.
Further investigation has led to a further alarming
possibility. It is quite possible that this creature is
working in collaboration with Vulcan, an ancestor
which has been plaguing the Armourers of late.
While this is by no means certain by now, it is a
theory which deserves thought as we look to the
Gathering of Nations at Igneus.
Further information on the threat posed by Vulcan
can no doubt be obtained from the Armourers’
Death of Statesmen
The Bards Guild is grieved to hear of the passing
of Dickson and Duvall of the Unicorns. May they
rest in the sight of their Ancestors.
Especially in the wake of such tragedy, we wish the
Factions every success and salute them in their
continuing attempts to control the spread of
violence in inter-faction conflicts.