Imagine that you are a scholar, a psychologist, and you are doing research on the
correlation between speech behaviour of people and their character. Analyze Dan
Harvey's speech during his meeting with Peter and Arnold on signing the contract and
describe him as a personality. Do it in no less than 100 words.
Dan Harvey’s voice has seemed to me rough enough, hoarse. Such voices happen at
elderly and smoking people. Proceeding from it is possible to assume that he has problems with
health. But nevertheless Dan Harvey has arrived from America personally (and it is long flight
by the plane through ocean) to sign the favourable contract with Benson’s Company. He very
much loves the business.
During negotiations he is achieved the best conditions for the Superbooks Inc. Dan - the
present businessman. He puts interests of business above the own.
I represent him as very positive, cheerful, self-assured person, the person full of ideas.
And with a cigar in a mouth…
Thank You.
Best regards,
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