Mostly Folk - July 9, 2006-07-12

Mostly Folk - July 9, 2006-07-12
Artist/Song/ CD
Matt & Shannon Heaton/ The Lucky Dozen & The Skylark/ Blue Skies Above
David Roth/ Streets of London/ More Pearls
James Hill/ Uke Talk/ A Flying Leap
Dan Berggren/ Found My Way Back Home/ FreshTerritory
Work o' the Weavers/ Tzena Tzena/ Live In Concert
John Gorka/ Writing in the Margins/ Writing in the Margins
Greg Greenway/ A Road Worth Walking Down/ Live
The Rowan Brothers/ I'll Be There/ Now & Then
Lowen & Navarro/ Beyond the Pale/ Scdratch at the Door
Dan Bern/ Too Late To Die Young/ Dan Bern
John Flynn/ Put Your Freedom Where Your Mouth Is/ Two Wolves
Kim & Reggie Harris/ Eyes on the Prize/ Rock of Ages
Pat Wictor/ Death Letter/ Waiting for the Water
Dan McKinnon/ The Road Less Travelled/ Fields of Dreams & Glory
Paul Mills/ Blues Is Like Shoes/ The Other Side of the Glass
David Francey/ Red-Winged Blackbird/ Town Screen Door
Richie Havens / Stardust & Passion / Wishing Well
David Jacobs-Strain/ Ocean or a Teardrop/ Ocean or a Teardrop
J P Cormier/ You Saw Me/ Another Morning
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem/ Turtle Dove/ Gambling Eden
James Gordon/ That Old Cedar Strip. Canoesongs Vol. 1
Corb Lund Band/ No Roads Here/ Made In Alberta
The McDades / McKinley Morganfield's / Mad In Alberta
Le Vent du Nord/ Au Bord de la Fontaine/ Maudite Moisson
The Limeliters/ Circle/ Until We Get I Right
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