Lesson Plans for the week of: April 21

LESSON PLANS for the week of: April 21-25
Teacher: Ms. Ortiz
Room: 218
Theme: Printmaking methods
Subject: Art
Monday (continued from last
TEKS: 117.35 (2) The student will
communicate ideas of self expression
through original artworks, using a variety of
media and appropriate skills. Students are
expected to (2A) create original artworks
based on direct observations and personal
Also (2B) apply technical skills effectively
using a variety of materials to produce
artworks including paintings and modeled
forms as will be done in this lesson.
6-10th grade
Students will be able to create stencils
stamps to create 3 posters. They will use
several media such as paint, spray paint and
markers to make several stencil stamps of
the same image.
White Copy Paper
Poster board to cut out Stencil
Spray bottles
TEKS: 117.38
(C) (3) Historical/Cultural heritage. The
student demonstrates an understanding of
art history and culture as records of human
achievement. The student is expected to:
(B) identify cultural ideas expressed in
artworks relating to social, political,and
environmental themes.
Students will be able to learn about 3
important art movement from Early
Renaissance to Modern Art.
6th Grade
Students will be able to create a Cardboard
Relief Sculpture. They will be able to create a
variety of shape shapes and forms to eventually
unite into a paint ingng ppiece. They will look at
works from artist Frank Stella and Miro.
7th-10th grade
Continued from last week
Only 9-10th grade
Students will be able to create 3D paper
sculpture by adding layers of multicolored
paper. These layers will create mountain
looking effect. Students can open their
creative ability by creating shapes and
letters out of this 3D effect.
7th and 8th grade students will be able to
create 3D boxes from cardboard materials.
Students will be able to learn about
sustainable materials and the importance of
recycling. They will be able to learn about
multiple uses that cardboard can have. 7th
and 8th grade will create a mural wall from
all of the cubes squares that they make.
Construction paper
6-8th grade
First student will receive a slide
presentation of the several stencil
creations they can possibly make. There
is several printmaking ideas that they can
come up with from creating stamps that
transfer an inked image, to using the
negative space from the stencil to spray
paint on.
Clear instruction
Then each student will receive a 10x10
square piece of poster board with which
they will use to cut out their image of
choice. They can make a stencil of any
possible shape they decide.
First they have to draw it out and then
they will cut it out.
After cutting out the shape or figure
they will use whatever technique they
want to use to transfer their image.
As mentioned earlier they can either put
paint on their stencil and stamp it on copy
paper, use the negative space to spray or
place paint to put on copy paper as well.
Students will continue to experiemtn with
all the different primatmaking stencil
techniques and they will create three
posters where they can combine image
stencil along with stencils of letters and
The three posters will be considered the
final part of this project.
Continued from last week
9-10th grade Only
First students will cut out a shape. It can
be a abstact form without meaning or a
more defined form like a letter. Then
they will cut the same form but in a
smaller size and they will continue doing
6th grade
Students will first look at work done by artist Frank
Stella and Miro. Her work involves Relief Sculpture
that places layers of painted cardboard on top of
each other. Students will each receive cardboard and
they will be able to start cutting out into different
shapes such as squares, triangles and irregular forms
as well. The will paint on each piece in a different
forms. They may add patterns, self-representational
images and even place magazine paper or personal
After all the shapes have been painted or collaged
they will paint a background and start gluing their
cardboard pieces on top of the background. They
may follow certain compositional rules like creating a
negative space or forming harmony or balance.
Once all the pieces have been glued they can add
enamel to add shine to their entire composition and it
should be ready to hang on a wall.
this until the shape cant get any smaller.
7-10th grade
Once all the shapes are cut out they will
glue them on top of each other but with a
small piece of carton that will add height Each day they will receive a Warm-up paper. On
to the form. They will glue this carton in Monday they will learn about the transition
between each paper shape so that it
from the Medieval and Gothic to the Renaissance
keeps getting higher and higher.
On Thursday they will learn about several movements
from the 20th century such as Pop art and Cubism
relating to artists like Andy Warhol and Pablo
Students will receive an Assessment about all the
facts that were reviewed through the week.
Guided Practice
Process -25%
Craftmenship/Effort of each stencil
Final 3 Posters 50%
Daily Warm Ups- 25%
Assessment 75%