Art Lesson

Art Project: Pueblos (artist unknown)
(this is similar to art we have)
Pueblo History:
Pueblo people, also known as the Anasazi, began building big apartment
houses, called pueblos, out of mud-brick and sometimes out of stone in
700 A.D. They built their houses up on top of high cliffs called mesas.
This offered them protection from the elements and provided a
good view of anyone approaching their community. Pueblos had
ladders that allowed access to the upper levels but could be pulled in
for security.
Art Lesson: making a drawing of pueblo houses using chalk pastels
Materials: white drawing paper, manila paper strips for stencils, chalk
pastels in Southwest colors, tissues, scissors, black sharpies,
hairspray, plastic cloth.
Lesson: Your stencil strips will resemble the top of adobe buildings of
the American southwest. These squarish buildings were developed by
Native Americans to take advantage of available building materials and
have been widely copied in other architecture of the Southwest. They
are coated with mud on the outside and because of the thick walls are
cool inside. Ladders are used to go from one level to the next. Pastel
colors that would be best to use are earth colors, tan brown, orange,
yellow pink and black.
1. Make stencils the children can make them but would be easier if
they were premade by coordinator (to save time), make out of
manila paper. Made out of cut manila paper.
2. Solidly apply one pastel color to the upper edge of a stencil. Place
the stencil near the upper third of the paper width wise Use a
tissue to lightly smear the pastels upwards from edge of the
stencil onto the drawing paper.
3. Next, apply another color to stencil and repeat process. For the
third layer flip over stencil and repeat (gives another layer of
4. Finally, draw in windows, ladders, people doors with black
5. Art instructor spray outside with hairspray to “set” pastels so
they don’t smear. Spray on plastic cloth.