The alphabet

The alphabet
Introduction de l’alphabet:
The main objectives are : recognising and pronouncing letters ; listening to the
sounds to classify them.
Here are the activities :
- listen and repeat the whole alphabet (in the right order or out of order)
(pay attention to the pronunciation of G and J ; tell the students the
American Z is pronounced with the same sound as B, C, D…)
- hide one or several letters ; to find them, you can help the students by
telling them a word that starts with the missing letter
- sing the « alphabet song » :
version 1 : A, B, C…P
version 2 : A, B, C…P
Q, R, S…X, Y and Z (American)
Q, R, S…X, Y and Z (English)
Now I know my ABC’s
Happy, happy shall I be
Next time won’t you sing with me
When I know my ABC
- listen and classify
A H J K / B C D E G P T V Z (American) / F L M N S X Z (English) / I Y / O /
Tell the students : « Now, we’re going to classify the letters. Listen carefully :
A, H : we hear the same sound ; let’s put them together ; B, C : we hear the same
sound…And then you go over the alphabet and create your seven groups.
- match letters with colours :
First, ask the students if they remember the different colours. Then, tell them :
« A, H, J, K, what colour can we choose for them ? » Give ideas that don’t work
and say : A, H, J , K are grey. Is it right ? ». Here are the associations : B…with
green, F…with red, I…with white, O…with yellow, Q…with blue and R with
- other activities :
• colour alphabet on the English copybook
• letters bingo
• letters dictation to write words already known and well pronounced
• hangman game : the teacher or a child calls out a letter. If it’s in the chosen
word, write it on the board ; if it’s not, start drawing the « hangman »
• GN to spell and illustrate : six red pens / seven black bats
• alphabet dominoes (don’t write the words ; when it’s finisned, glue the
game in the copybook on two pages ; you can also reduce the size of the
WARNING !! Be vigilant. For some students, as soon as you start writing
some words, the pronunciation could change.
If it happens, start all over again. Tell the students : « Close your eyes. Listen
and repeat ».