alphabet homework sheet and rap site

Nom: ______________________
Papier de Travail-L’Alphabet
Write the letter that corresponds with each sound. Example: say ahh tay= C A T
Use your phonetic pronunciation sheet if you need help remembering which sound corresponds with
each letter.
*Extra credit- Look up the meaning of each word. is a great online FrenchEnglish dictionary
1. vay-euh-air-tay
2. air- oh-ooo-zjay-euh
3. s-tay-egrec-l-oh
4. f-air-ahh-n-say
5. bay-ee-l-l-euh-tay
6. air-oh-bay-euh
7. n-oh-ee-air
8. m-ahh-day-ahh-m-euh
9. pay-ahh-pay-ee-euh-air
10. m-oh-n-n-ahh-ee-euh
You can also go to the site below to check out a rap version of the French alphabet:
*See if you can identify any of the brands that are represented.