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Final Project Option: Alphabet Book You will be creating a book similar to the Alphabet books looked at in class. The purpose is to demonstrate your understanding of course vocabulary in an interesting and artistic way. For each letter of the alphabet, you need a page including:    The letter and a course-specific, level-appropriate vocabulary word/phrase which corresponds An image demonstrating your understanding of the vocabulary A brief description of the word/phrase for the purposes of sharing your knowledge with the reader Aim for a variety of words: processes, descriptions, places, things (from all units of the course) You MAY select a software program for your bookrather than do a scrapbook-style one… possibilities include Photospeak, Publisher, Word, or another of your choice. Please get teacher approval before starting. What to pass in:    Your book The Specific Outcome Reflection sheet This sheet (so I can fill in your marking scheme) Marking Scheme: Component Vocabulary selection Images Descriptions Organization Criteria Course-appropriate, original vocabulary selected for every letter of the alphabet Images depict the vocabulary word in the context of the course and are credited when necessary Conveys meaning to a non-Oceans 11 student effectively; clearly written in your own words Book is laid out in a way that is appealing and easy to follow Aim for 6-8 words from each unit Variety of words from all units Variety of TYPES of words Specific Outcome Reflection TOTAL A good mixture of processes (verbs), descriptions (adjectives) and things (nouns) See Specific Outcome Reflection sheet Value 13 26 26 5 10 10 10 Points earned/Comments 100 Or /10 on the final grade

Final Project Option: Alphabet Book Your book must address at least 10 specific curriculum outcomes. Complete the table below and submit with your project: Vocabulary word/ phrase Unit into which this word “fits” (0.5 pt) Specific Curriculum outcome it addresses (0.5 pt) State two facts you learned or two activities we did while addressing this outcome in class (1 pt)