Maintaining Momentum in Your Network


Maintaining/Establishing network momentum:

Regular communication with the network coordinator and your network

Vary meeting locations

Create an email list for network so you can send things out easily

Start some traditions o

Birthday celebrations o o


Picnic in the park

Celebrate and feast together

Get feedback from network o


Goals; o o review them on right track?

Photos are a great way to capture moments

Share info; outings, newsletters, LifeSPAN events

Keep the dreams and visions of focus person alive

Include network members o

Delegate things to them o

Don’t be an enabler

Follow-through on your commitments to the network and to me

Plan ahead; allow time to schedule

Create a network notebook o

Add outing info, newsletters, articles, contact info, calendar

Ask for contact updates

Be flexible

Creative thinking

Have a positive attitude

End meeting on time, thank everyone, announce next meeting date or time frame

Invite new members o

Sample letter o

Ideas and approval from families

Establish boundaries o

You are paid for your time

Connect with me if you have questions

Remember that challenge and change stir up family dynamics

Change can be slow

Takes time for a network to bond

Communication is critical

Look for ways to connect with other networks

Host fun meetings that people want to attend

Make the meetings social and a place where everyone can share their updates

Have network traditions (annual picnic in the park, dinner at a restaurant)

Have private Facebook pages for networks

Do a network survey; value the ideas and opinions of others

Have network members send in their stories for the newsletter

Invite new members

Skype visits for those that are far away

Record stories for the focus person

Find ways for focus person to give to the network members (cards/crafts)

Connect focus people who face similar challenges

Communicate agenda items via newsletter, esp. if the meetings tend to be more social

Newsletters; include out-of-towners and photos

Have fun eVites

Check in (with phone call?) to non-responsive members

Honor different ways of communicating within a network

Identify the challenges

Beth can help by: o

Having an open-door policy o

Back up support as needed o

Keep folks on track with meetings, info, reminders

Have tech training for new facilitators to learn how to do newsletters (photos), Facebook page set-up etc.