Mary D. Coghill School Aisha M. Jones Principal - OPEN-NOLA

Mary D. Coghill School
Aisha M. Jones
Build Community
Create a sense of involvement for all school
community members.
 School events
 Parent meetings
 Newsletters
 Clear rules and consequences
Communicate a Clear Vision
Work with the end in mind!
 Goals set by the school team
 Plan strategies very carefully
 Identify successes and challenges
Focus on Teaching and Learning
 Set high expectations for every individual in the
school community
 Identify areas of similarities and differences in
 Get everyone involved in the learning process
Analyze Data
 Regular sessions conducted by the leadership team
 Create an environment to change based on data
results (Data Driven Decision Making)
 Generate unique statistical opportunities
Arrange Resources
 Identify and plan for the use of all resources
 Monitor how resources are used and adjust
 Match resources with students’ academic needs
Professional Development
Make effective professional development a priority.
 Faculty study sessions
 District PD
 Lesson feedback