Grammar Lesson #1 - Kinds of Sentences

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Grammar Lesson #1 - Kinds of Sentences
There are four basic sentence patterns.
1. Simple Sentence – Contains one subject and one predicate, and/or modifiers. It is an independent
ex: I need another cookie.
2. Compound Sentence – A compound sentence is two simple sentences joined by a comma and a
coordinating conjunction (acronym FANBOYS = for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) or a semicolon
and a conjunctive adverb (also, besides, however, instead, meanwhile, then, therefore).
ex: My favorite cookies are Girl Scout Lemon Coolers, but I also like Oreos.
3. Complex Sentence – A complex sentence contains an independent clause plus one or more
dependent clauses. The dependent clause, if at the beginning of the sentence is set off by commas,
though it could be in the middle of the sentence or at the end.
ex: If I eat too many Oreos, my trainer will get mad at me.
4. Compound – Complex Sentence – Contains two independent clauses plus one or more
dependent clauses.
ex: Although I worked hard over the holidays, my waistline has expanded, and I seem to
have gained 10 pounds.
Exercises: Part 1 – Identify the type of sentence. S = Simple, CS = Compound, CX =
Complex, CC = Compound/Complex.
__________1. I know you are busy, but I need to talk to you immediately.
__________2. We’ve been trying to call him, but there’s been no answer.
__________3. The meeting is scheduled for three o’clock tomorrow afternoon.
__________4. The man who met her at the bus station is her father.
__________5. Maxwell will clean the house and do the cooking, and Sandra will get a job.
__________6. We visited Rome, Paris, London, and Dublin.
__________7. If Rick calls, tell him the truth; or I will tell him for you.
__________8. I do not believe that Jonathan is capable of murder.
__________9. Why did you wait so long to tell me about the accident?
__________10. No one asked where you were tonight.
__________11. Susan is a terrible cook, but her sister Debra is an excellent one.
__________12. We will visit Martha, and you can announce that we won.
__________13. My brother attends Harvard, but I plan to attend Dartmouth.
__________14. Larry plans to become an architect.
__________15. I wonder why Chris never answers the telephone.
__________16. Everyone cried when they heard the bad news about Joey.
__________17. Jean promised to come, but by midnight she had not arrived.
__________18. The street looked deserted, but I knew that someone was watching.
__________19. This room is in terrible need of paint.
__________20. What he does with all his money is a mystery to us all.
Part 2 – Write the sentence. Write 1 original examples of each type of sentence. Label.