Exploring Simple Machines Activity - Junction Hill C

Exploring Simple
The machines we use every day help to make
our work easier. All machines are constructed from
six simple machines: lever, inclined plane, wedge,
screw, wheel and axle, and pulley. Therefore it is
important to understand the characteristics of these
six simple machines and be able to recognize
examples of each type of machine. In addition,
knowledge of how each machine operates is critical
to understanding how these simple machines can be
transformed into more complex machines.
Requirements for Activity:
1. Prepare six slides that include the following information:
-Name the six categories of simple machines.
-Explain how each of the six simple machines work.
-Give an example and place a diagram of each of the six simple machines on
each slide.
Create two additional slides with:
a. An explanation of a compound machine and three examples (with graphic
for each).
b. Now, choose an example of a compound machine. Use a diagram to label
the simple machines within the compound machine. Make sure that each
label contains an explanation of its function within the compound
In addition to these eight slides, you must include a title page with member names and
a creative title. Also, a citation slide is necessary to cite the website from which you
collected your images. The total number of slides for this assignment should be 10. A
visual assessment will also be applied to this slide show, therefore, make sure each
slide is visually appealing and is easily read when projected onto the SmartBoard.