Chapitre 3 Parte 1 Study Guide

Bien Dit 1
Study Guide, Part 1
Chapitre 3, Text Pages 78 – 89 & 107 Madame Schiavone
For the quiz of Friday, January 7, you must be able to write in French! Spelling counts!
Do the best you can to spell correctly in French, using accent marks as well.
You should know the following:
1. Given the English words/expressions in the blue & orange boxes
(Questions/Answers), bottom of text pages 79 & 80, be able to write out the
French translations.
2. Write the French words in the blue titled vocab boxes,”D’autres mots utiles” =
Other Useful Words, text pages 79 & 80, given the English.
3. The verb être , text p. 82. Be able to write out a chart like the one in the book, but
include the English meaning of the infinitive verb, the nine subject pronouns
(including “on”) & the appropriate conjugated verb form next to each pronoun, in
the proper order.
4. Be able to choose the appropriate form of the verb être to place in the blank, using
the cues in the sentence. (Ex. Je ________ blonde. La classe _______ facile.)
Exercises 6 & 7, text page 82., & hand-outs.
5. Know how to apply the rules of adjective agreement with respect to the nouns
that they modify, text p. 84. Must know BAGS & PNC adjectives & their
locations with respect to the nouns they modify.(Make them agree in numbersingular or plural – and gender – masculine or feminine – with the noun that they
are describing.) Grammar Tutor packet, p. 20. (Know the adjectives on text pgs
78 & 79)
6. “Des” becomes “de” when preceding an adjective which also precedes the noun,
p. 84, gold item #6.
7. Know all of the forms of the irregular adjectives beau, nouveau & vieux, text p.
86. Know the chart (green & orange) on the page. (VERY IMPORTANT!)
8. Résumé: Vocabulaire 1 List, top of p.107 (Review of vocabulary words)
Remember, you must know both the English & the French translation.
The websites & may be helpful with extra
exercises, as well as “drop” period on Days 2 & 5.