Geography Unit Notes


Geography Unit Notes

5 Themes of Geography:

1 st

Theme: Location-Where is it?

-Absolute Location: Uses Latitude and Longitude

-Relative Location: Cardinal and Intermediate directions

2nd Theme: Place-Describes the human and physical characteristics of a place

-Physical characteristics:

-land features

-mountains, plains, and plateaus


-bodies of water

-Human characteristics





-buildings and landmarks


3 rd

Theme: Human Environment Interaction: how people interact with their environment

-Adapt to environment

-Modify the environment

-Depend on the environment

4 th

Theme: Movement: How places are linked

5 th

-Movement of: people, ideas, goods

Theme: Regions: what places have in common

-political regions

-landform regions

-agricultural regions

-cultural regions

Latitude and Longitude

-the description of any location of any location on Earth

Latitude- a measure of distance




of the equator

-The equator is 0*

-Latitude lines run horizontally (side to side)

-Remember latitude is like a ladder-you climb up and down

Longitude- a measure of distance




of the prime meridian

-The prime meridian is 0* longitude

-Longitude lines run vertically (up and down)

Types of Maps

Political map-shows boundaries (such as cities, counties, states, countries)

Physical map-shows physical features of a land (relief, bodies of water)

-Relief-the difference in elevation

Thematic map-shows different themes (such as language, culture, weather patterns)