Pedigree Challenge! A blue-eyed man marries a brown

Pedigree Challenge!
1. A blue-eyed man marries a brown-eyed woman. They have one daughter, who is blue
eyed. If blue eye color is recessive, what are the genotypes of all the individuals
Interactive Pedigree Activities:
Exercise #1: Dwarfism
Exercise #2: Phenylketonuria
3. Sex-Linked Traits: Use the image below to review inheritance of sex-linked traits.
Sex Linked Inheritance Problems:
5. Albinism is inherited as an autosomal (not sex linked) recessive trait. In the figure
below, assume that persons from the general population (spouses that married into
the family) are NOT heterozygous for albinism (assume they are NOT Aa). Indicate
the genotypes for the selected individuals (the ones with the star around them).
6. Which best describes the genetics of the afflicting allele in the following pedigree (it is
a pedigree of taste blindness)?
a. autosomal dominant
b. autosomal recessive
c. X-linked dominant
d. X-linked recessive
e. Y-linked dominant
f. Y-linked recessive