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2016 Writers In Schools Program –
Presenter Application Form
Deadline – December 15, 2015
The Writers in Schools Program is an annual program coordinated by the CAA - Alberta
Branch that brings writers and storytellers to over 2,000 students enrolled in Alberta’s schools
each year.
Presentations are offered to schools located within 100 km of a participating WISP member.
Our goal is to provide at least one speaking engagement per WISP participant. Participants
will be asked to provide a maximum of two presentations on their two-hour school visit.
Participants will be paid $250 per school and travel reimbursement of $.37 per km.
Please CAREFULLY and HONESTLY complete this form. Grades and classroom size are
important factors to be honest about. Submit this to Shari Narine, WISP Coordinator
[email protected]
Name: ______________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________
Telephone: ___________________________________________________________
E-Mail: ____________________________ Website: __________________________
Can this information be shared with the schools you will be visiting? _____________
I am able to work with students:
Kindergarten ____Grades 1-3 ____ Grades 4-5 ____ Junior High ____ Senior High ____
I prefer a classroom (up to 30 students) ____ and/or auditorium (30 – 100 students) ____
I am able to present in a language other than English (please list) _______
I am able to drive more than 100 km to visit a school _______________
Writers in School Program
Application Form
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Presenter Biography Criteria
will be held up if it has to be returned to you in order for you to pare down to size.
This information will be used by schools to select their WISP presenter. The more succinct
and clear your information is, the better the experience for everyone. Your biography will be
posted on the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Authors Association’s website by Nov. 1, 2012.
This website is visited by many people interested in Alberta authors and storytellers
throughout the year.
Biography: 200 words maximum summarizing your writing and/or storytelling background
and possibly an experience or interest that may assist the school liaison with the school’s
application. This word count limit includes your books or publishing credits.
Presentations and workshops: 200 words maximum summarizing the themes, purpose, format
and the grade and size of group you can present to.
The best bios and presentation overviews are those that are short and smart to give the school
enough information to select their top three preferred presenters.
Remember to include your website for additional information.
Please submit your application with biography and presentations summary by December 15,
2015 to:
Shari Narine
[email protected]
Writers in School Program
Application Form
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