PSP - Code of Ethics

The Georgia Peer Support Project
Code Of Ethics for Certified Peer Supporters
Peer Supporters are committed to facilitating personal, social and
economic independence for people with disabilities. Peer
Supporters recognize the importance of this Code Of Ethics and
commit to these standards being rigorously enforced.
1. The primary responsibility of Peer Supporters is to help
people with disabilities advocate for their own needs, wants
and goals. Peer Supporters will be guided by the principle of
self-determination for all.
2. Peer Supporters will maintain high standards of personal
3. Peer Supporters will, at all times, respect the rights and
dignity of those they serve.
4. Peer Supporters will not practice, condone, facilitate or
collaborate in any form of discrimination on the basis of
ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion,
national origin, marital status, political belief, mental or
physical disability or any other preference or personal
characteristic, condition or state.
5. Peer Supporters will respect the privacy and confidentiality
of those they serve.
6. Peer Supporters will advocate for the full integration of
people with disabilities into the communities of their choice
and will promote the inherent value of these individuals to
those communities. Peer Supporters will be directed by the
knowledge that all individuals have the right to live in the
least restrictive and least intrusive environment.
7. Peer Supporters will not enter into dual relationships or
commitments that conflict with the interests of those they
8. Peer Supporters will never engage in sexual or intimate
activities with those they serve.
9. Peer Supporters will remain current in their knowledge of
self-determination and the disability community.
10.Peer Supporters will not accept gifts of significant value
from those they serve.