6th Grade Chapter 1 Lesson 3 Making Responsible Decisions

6th Grade Chapter 1 Lesson 3
Making Responsible Decisions
Many of the choices you make affect your
Name 3 choices you made today that will
affect your physical, mental emotional or
family social health.
How to make responsible decisions
Benefits of making responsible decisions include:
Avoiding injury
Avoiding illness
Improving your self-esteem
Making a responsible decisions show what you
value most in life. Making it a priority means it
deserves first attention.
Making responsible decisions
Situation: You have been invited to a party where
alcohol will be served. What would you do?
Steps to take:
1. Identify your choices. List possible
2. Evaluate each choice
 Is it healthful?
 Safe?
 Legal?
 Respect myself and others?
 Follow my parents guidelines?
 Demonstrate good character?
3. Tell what the responsible decision is. Talk
it over with a parent or trusted adult.
4. Evaluate your decision. Did you get the results
You wanted?
Resisting Negative Peer Pressure
Peer Pressure- the influence that people of a
similar age place on a person to behave a certain
Brainstorm examples of positive peer pressure and
negative peer pressure.
Resistance Skills
Resistance skills are used to help a person say
“no” to an action or leave a situation.
If you experience negative peer pressure you
Say “no” in a firm voice
Give reasons for saying “no”
Be certain your behavior matches your words.
Ask an adult for help if needed.