Humanities I

Humanities I
Mrs. Cave-Mattie
Greek Mythology
PowerPoint Presentations
To finish off our brief intro to Greek mythology, you will be creating a
PowerPoint presentation in groups of 3 students. If we cannot successfully place
ourselves in groups of 3, I will create the groups myself. This project will be due on
Monday, March 2nd. You will be spending 1-2 class periods on this assignment, and the
rest of it must be completed during National History Day week, where you will be
spending each day in the library with Mr. Novrocki.
The topics you will be given are all up for grabs on our eventual exam. You will
create the slide show, present it to the class, and I will then link each PowerPoint
presentation to the class website so that you can access them for studying purposes.
These stories that you will be assigned are essential for you to understand Greek lifestyle,
beliefs, and religion. They will also springboard us into our next reading.
All presentations MUST be done using PowerPoint. You must keep your
presentation to 5 minutes max, yet fully cover your assigned topic. The number of slides
is irrelevant; I am basing your grade on content covered, overall appearance of the slide
show, and how you communicate the story to your classmates. Pictures are a necessity;
please refrain from putting too much text on each slide. On the last slide, you will have
your works cited list, which MUST be in MLA format (although it will look at bit
different once placed on the slide). Here, you will list all of the sources you used, and
you can also direct your fellow students to places for more information. There is no limit
to the number of sources you are permitted to access for this project, but please make
sure that you use more than one so that you can compare facts to be sure you are
providing accurate details. You do not have to document where you find your pictures.
It is important to remember that your fellow students are NOT getting any
handouts from me on these myths. YOU ARE THEIR TEACHER! Not only do you
have to communicate the story well to them during the presentation, but you must also
create a slide show that would make a good study guide for them as they prepare for the
test. Each student in your group must help compile information, create the slide show, as
well as speak during the presentation. Be creative…..if you don’t want to simply list
facts, perhaps you can set up your slide show like a storybook. It’s totally up to you.
Due Date: March 2nd
Presentations will be held: March 2nd-3rd
Time to work in class: Tentatively Feb 18, 19